Who we are

We are “one-stop shop” for companies and individuals involved in either domestic or international business.

With a team of highly experienced, qualified, and motivated individuals, we provide you with bespoke professional services and proven business solutions that allow you to fully focus on what truly matters: Your business.

Our comprehensive range of services includes audit, tax compliance, accounting, and administration services, catering to both local and international clients. We understand the importance of accessibility and responsiveness, which is why our team is always available to provide you with confident answers, timely reactions, and diligent actions. Meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations is our driving force. We conduct our work with unwavering integrity, ensuring that we not only keep our word but also deliver results at the highest standards. As a result, we have cultivated strong and enduring relationships with our clients.

We take immense pride in our dedicated approach to supporting our substantial clientele, helping them achieve their business objectives and surpass their expectations. In today’s complex and ever-changing economic environment, where the financial obligations and requirements of businesses are constantly growing, we stand by you. We recognize the unique requirements of each client and collaborate closely with them to tailor and deliver our services to precisely meet their needs.

At Nikita & Partners, we are your trusted associates, ready to empower you in navigating the intricate financial landscape. With our resolute commitment and personalized approach, we ensure that you can confidently tackle challenges and seize opportunities head-on. Together, let’s forge a path to your success.

Our clients are highly represented in the following fields: