We ensure the establishment of Substance in Cyprus while mitigating any potential tax-related concerns with foreign tax authorities.

In today’s global landscape, the challenges and complexities faced by businesses have intensified. Achieving business and economic substance in the island has become crucial both for taking advantage of the islands tax benefits but also reducing the risk of foreign tax authorities challenging the tax residency of the Company.

Tax authorities have grown increasingly vigilant and stringent in their efforts to combat tax avoidance. In many cases, tax optimization strategies are now viewed with suspicion and subject to scrutiny, often being perceived as potential tax abuse or evasion, mainly due to inadequate implementation and a lack of tax expertise.

Our partners specialize in ensuring the proper execution of these strategies by assisting in the analysis of business structures and the establishment of comprehensive substance solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each client.

Our services to enhance your company’s substance in Cyprus include:

By providing these services, we enable businesses to navigate the evolving international tax landscape effectively and maintain compliance while optimizing their operations.

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