We provide a comprehensive range of Fiduciary Services through our trusted business partners, ensuring continuous compliance for your company in Cyprus.

Each Cyprus Registered Company is required to designate a minimum of one Director, a Corporate Secretary, and maintain a Registered Office Address within the Republic. Our specialized Fiduciary Services cater to both newly established enterprises and existing ones, guaranteeing ongoing statutory compliance for your entity in Cyprus.

How we work

Upon incorporation or during a transfer-in for existing companies, we will facilitate an introduction between you and our team of professionals responsible for overseeing your company’s activities and serving on the Board of Directors. Our goal is to provide you with a single point of contact who possesses a deep understanding of your company’s operations and unique characteristics. Before carrying out any document executions or actions on your behalf, we will consistently send all relevant materials for your review and approval.

What we offer

We are fully prepared to provide you with bank account administration support, including:

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